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professional years of experience in used IT remarketing .

Some of the advantages for buyers of used hardware

used computer and notebooks

We test the proper functioning and appearance of the used IT hardware and entertainment products on offer before we re-market them.

With this information we are able to determine the re-marketing value.

The technology on offer is cleaned by a specialist prior to re-marketing and before it reaches our world-wide customers as used IT or entertainment technology.

Our customers receive a warranty of up to 12 months on re-marketed products that have been used as intended (excluded naturally are expendable items and wear and tear parts).

Purchasers of our used products include traders and in particular customers with smaller budgets who come to us from every corner of the world.

The advantages for sellers of used IT and entertainment hardware

used computer and notebooks

We obtain the used products above all from leasing firms, municipal authorities, medium-sized and large companies.

Besides buying used hardware, PC-Exporting offers its customers additional services like planning and implementing logistics, dismantling the customer’s devices, if desired directly at the workplace, as well as the proper deletion of sensitive data.

We delete data using programs that correspond to the deletion standards specified by the industry. Should physical interventions be absolutely necessary (like Gaussian procedures), our certified partner companies take on the task.

PC-Exporting Ltd. as a permanent partner

used computer and notebooks

Profit from our long-year professional experience in used IT re-marketing.

Your decision to choose our company is the shared success that makes it possible for PC-Exporting to continue developing.

With a turnover of many thousand assets per year, PC-Exporting is a company that has the necessary wealth of experience to certainly benefit your business.